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TYC heat transfer products feature the latest in technology, materials, and construction. Our radiators are comparable to their OE counterparts, down to the material of construction. TYC aluminum condensers provide the latest in OE-comparable designs, from Parallel Flow Configurations to units with integrated Transmission Oil Coolers, we offer a drop-in, OE-comparable solution.

Our cooling fan assemblies feature the extended line of unitized assembly units, combining fan, shroud and motor in a perfectly balanced, OE-like matching plug and play replacement unit. Every effort has been made to bring to our customers the best combination of quality and value in our heat transfer products. The consistent quality of TYC results in less product return hassles, less warranty claims and increased customer satisfaction.


  • All TYC condensers are vehicle tested to ensure drop-in fit ease of installation and trouble-free function during the testing phase.
  • Premium grade aluminum tubes, brackets, curved hoses and fittings are designed to OE specifications.
  • Individually leak-tested at the factory to ensure each condenser functions right out of the box.


  • Premium grade aluminum tubes and precision folded and louvered aluminum fins ensure optimum cooling efficiency.
  • Comparable tubes and fin pitch to the OE counterpart ensure similar coolant flow volume.
  • Nocolok® furnace-brazing process ensures unparalleled performance and durability.


  • Individually leak-tested at the factory to ensure each evaporator functions right out of the box.
  • Premium quality aluminum tubes, fins, hoses and fittings are designed to OE specifications, from stamp press design for aluminum tubes, to serpentine or parallel flow configurations.
  • Critical core dimensions measured and validated to ensure they can fit snugly into the HVAC housing.

Heater Cores

TYC brand Heater Cores are designed to be drop-in fit, with OE-like construction; from number of tubes to placement of cooling fins. Our design ensures optimal and efficient heat distribution, allowing warm air to be generated for use in the cabin. Selection of quality materials and stringent assembly processes ensure durable Heater Cores that you only need to purchase and install once. TYC brand Automotive Replacement Parts provide fit, quality and reliability that is comparable to OE in every application.

Cooling Fan Assembly

  • Premium control module for variable speed fans and brushless motors available for the latest applications.
  • Licensed Bosch and Siemens VDO shroud and blade patents (select applications) generate a higher rate of air flow (cubic feet per minute) with less wattage draw.
  • Rotationally-balanced fan blades without the use of weight-balancing clips ensure smooth spinning and longevity of the fan assembly.

TYC VS. Other OEM replacement

Discover the difference

TYC VS. Other OEM replacement

Discover the difference

Blower Assembly

Superior grade components used in the production of TYC blowers are designed for drop-in, plug-in ease of installation. Motor tests ensure comfortable air movement without excessive noise. TYC has a wide selection of blower assemblies covering the most popular vehicles.

  • Premium grade magnets and armatures for endurance
  • Minimized noise & vibration with balanced motor shafts and cage wheels.
  • Fitment tested for drop-in, plug-in installation
  • Advanced electronic control system (on select units)

Cabin Air Filters

  • Designed to perform similar to OE in laboratory testing of air pressure drops across the filter in simulated dust environment.
  • Includes additional brackets and/or gaskets to seal sides (select applications), just like OE, to ensure secure installation and optimum dust capture rate.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions with pictures to ensure trouble-free installation.
  • Comparable filtration efficiency when tested against OE, but at a more reasonable price.
Whenever we have any concern or problem regarding their products, they always provide solutions in the fastest manner. Our customers are all happy with TYC products too. They all know that the TYC logo stands for quality.

Dennis Shiau

Capstone Auto

I purchased 2 headlight assemblies for my 2007 Tundra, I was very impressed with the items. They were an exact fit, and I had everything there that I needed to finish my job.

David Swedlove

Toyota Tundra Owner
Direct Customer

We have been working with TYC-GENERA for many years and the only thing we can mention for them is excellence, starting from product quality and customer service which always are at high levels.

Joe Babikian

Express Body Parts

Once exclusively servicing the crash market, TYC has done an impressive job extending its offering to the traditional aftermarket. TYC has a strong commitment of releasing late model applications and their online presence facilitates an ease in selling their products.

Chip Gresalfi

Aircore Distributors

We have been doing business with Genera for over 15 years due to their great quality and reliable customer service. Prices are very competitive and their parts are reliable. We have never had an issue returning or claiming warranty on defective products. We appreciate that Genera stands by all their products.

Martin Yang

San Jose Trading Company